Sunday, October 24, 2021

Moving the Community Forward

 A Message To Our Members and Followers …

Moving  the  Community Forward

There is a reason this  building is  still standing; it means something to the people of Bayou  Pigeon. 

Community members  came together and saved the former St Joan of  Arc church and complex from being bull dozed and plowed under to become green fields.

Starting Oct. 26, 2021 we will be making 3 separate facebook  postings  on the Bayou  Pigeon Heritage Facebook page outlining and explaining   the good things that are happening in our Association thus bringing all our  members  and Facebook followers, up to Date. 

In this day and era, will be using social media, to communicate / update the  community on how the BPHA is moving the community forward.    Please look  for it  and read them.  you should be impressed, no kidding!

The purpose of doing this  will be  to motivate our BPHA Facebook followers, over 700 strong to join the BPHA if you have not already done so.   If you are not  up to date  recommit.  And  to come out and support our major  fund raiser of the year.

Almost  since the inception of the BPHA we have been in a start / stop mode, as a result of  Covid 19 Pandemic, 2021 Lower  Grand  River Flooding, and Hurricane Ida and Nicholas.  

Despite these ‘Acts of God’,  Bayou  Pigeon Heritage is moving  forward, 

This is possible due to a core group Native Bayou Pigeon  folks  and people of Iberville Parish that value Bayou Pigeon and culture and folklife, volunteering and doing the  work.

At this time, we would be remiss if did not recognize one of those parish residents  for his effort, Mr. Chris Daigle, BPHA president.  

Chris, even though he is not a resident  or native of  Bayou  Pigeon he  has done yeomans  job of keeping the BPHA moving  forward. He is Iberville Parish  School Board Member, IPRD Board Member, and White Castle, LA. business owner. 

Chris is a BPHA life member and  in the last two years has put in a lot personal time and money into our organization.  Above  and Beyond and the call of duty.

On Nov. 14, 2021, we  will be having our 2nd  Annual  Fall Fest / Wild Game  Cook Off.

Our major  fund raiser  for the year ... We could use all the help we can get...

Did  you know … research data has documented that…. Fundraising

80% of Americans believe it’s essential for people to come together in person to achieve  success.
71% of Americans agree that attending live events makes them feel more connected to other people, the community, and the world around them. A sentiment that has increased since 2014 (66%).
70% of American men and women agree that attending a live event has been more successful at expanding their perspective than just reading about a topic online.
84% of people believe that live events  inspire positive change for an organization / community.
73% of young people  consider attending an live event a form of expression.
By involving  prospective givers into the middle of the action, you put color to your cause.
Finally,  success in  areas of the common local life are strengthened through having access to live local events.

What is the takeaway  from  this message … 

The BPHA  has proven we are moving BAYOU  PIGEON FORWARD.

What are you waiting for ? 

Join our successful organization, enjoy the Facilities, and  support our 2nd Annual fall Fest.

Contact Patty Phillips 225 776 1706
Chris  Settoon 225 776 3616
Chris Daigle 225 776 4122
Cliff LeGrange 225 776 2686

To volunteer

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