Monday, October 19, 2020

Bayou Pigeon Heritage Association _ Strategic Plan

 Bayou  Pigeon  Heritage  Association   News

Several people  have  asked  recently,  hey what do ya'll  have going on  at the old  church.  I  see a  lot of activity going on there but don't know much  about it.

This means  people  are  starting to take   note of our  activity  at Heritage  complex.

This is all  part of our strategic plan.  To support the mission of the  Bayou  Pigeon  Heritage  Association ...

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The  Association  has  developed  a four part strategic plan. 

1. Historical / Cultural  / Folklife Preservation of the facilities and Bayou  Pigeon documents and pictures creating a  sense of Bayou Pigeon Cajun  identity.

2. Keep up the facilities  to ensure we can provide support  For Parish Civil Defense / Disaster Resilience   Of  Community

3. Renovate  /  Maintain  Prayer Room  to  Our  Lady  Queen of Peace in the old Chapel room in the  corner of  old church for a small number of participants. 

4. Co-operatively Organizing And Supporting Events And Activities To Meet The Needs Of The  Community. Fostering  Community Participation, Unity  and Community  Economic Well Being

The  activity you have  been  seeing has been  cleanup  for getting the facility ready  for these  events. that are part of Element # 4 of our strategy. It  all started  by in Dec. 2019, with the reintroduction of The  Bayou  Pigeon  Christmas  Parade.  Ms. Chasity Easley organized that  last Christmas and  we plan to make it  an  annual event.

Ms. Kristen  Settoon organized a kids  movie night.

Mr. Chris  Settoon organized two  garage  sale type  events and with 'to go' dinners  for  sale.

Our  effort  continues   this month with this Halloween event , ie., 'Boo on the Bayou'  event.  

Ms . Sandy Carbo has  privately sponsored this  event  for the last few years at her restaurant.  It has become  quite popular and attracted a large crowd.

She has graciously offered to let the  Heritage Association pick up  and hold the event in the hopes of making it  an  annual Halloween  event.

We will  have more tables  and treats  at the event this year.  I think we have more than a  dozen tables.  All  are donated  and  free of charge to the kids of the  community.

Feel free to share the advertisement / flyer to your Facebook  pages.

Shrimp  Stew Sale

We  currently have quarts of Shrimp Stew,  heat and  serve pre prepared,  available  for pick up from Carbo's Restaurant, $15 per  quart.  Carbo's Restaurant Recipe.

You can order by calling / contacting Bayou  Pigeon  Association, Patty  Phillips, Marla  Berthelot, Sandy Carbo, Cindy Vaughn, Cliff  LeGrange , Chris Daigle, Randy  LaPrairie.

COD when you pick up at  Carbo's restaurant.  

You can pay on line  from our  web  site via  credit card if you prefer.  Follow the  steps below:

November  Event - A Wild Beast Cookoff  - Mini Fair

In November  we have a  major  event,  "A wild beast cookoff  and  a mini  old time  Bayou Pigeon fair. I use the term mini because  we don't know  what the  Covid  19  rules will be  at that time.  The  governor is to make an  announcement on  new Covid 19  rules on Nov. 9.  We will  follow the  rules / guidelines.

Instructions  / rules  for wild beast cook-off  will be posted this  week  for all to see.

Our  Association is picking up momentum.  These events are bringing in unique visitors who will inject new revenue into the economy and revitalize  Bayou  Pigeon. 

Visit our  website  for more information about the  Bayou  pigeon  Heritage  association.

With our mission statement clearly  identified  /defined,   our  strategic plan  provides the road map  on how to fulfill  it.

Please  consider joining our  association.

For the team...

Chris Daigle  and  Cliff ( Chachie)  LeGrange

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