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The Bayou Pigeon Heritage Association Fall Fest Seafood / Wild Beast Cook Off.

 Calling  all  Cajun  Cooks

The Big Cajun Cooks Are On The Prowl



Bayou  Pigeon  Heritage  Association  Pavilion.
39315 La Highway 75, Bayou Pigeon, Louisiana 70764-9629

Registration / Eligibility

Open to general public.

 A completed  / signed registration form and category  selection is required for a complete registration.

Entry fee - $25
Each team must have a  designated  team captain. 

Teams may have  up to 4members, at least one team member must be 21 years or older.


All entries must be prepared in as sanitary a manner as possible. All applicable local health codes  and guidelines  apply.

There are two categories:

Wild Beast

$250 to 1 st place in each category 

1 st place prize  = $250 +  trophy spoon  & hats  for each member, 2nd place  trophy spoon & hats , 3 rd  place trophy  spoon  & hats.

The cooking can begin as early as you need to. The Pavilion  grounds  will be open  at 6:00 AM.
If entry needed  earlier  the team must notify  one of the cook-off chair persons of the requirement  for approval.

Upon  entry each team must  stop by  the registration  table to pick up team cooking  area  assignment / location and BPHA provided items.

Preparation of ingredients  can be  done offsite, i.e.., including roux  and  stock. All the  actual cooking must be  done  on the  site. Each team must bring their own cooking burner / cook top, prep table and utensils. Each team shall prepare  at least  50 – 8 ounce servings  available  for sale to public (3 gallons). 

The BPHA  will supply rice  and / or pasta unless the team wants to prepare their own. 

All entries  for judging must be  done at 11:00 AM.  

Team captains  are responsible  for bringing 3 samples  to designated judging area. 

The awards ceremony taking place immediately  afterwards. 

A score of 0 -100 will be given  for each entrée.

The criteria used for judging (100 points possible) will include:

- Appearance of food 30 pts max)
- Taste of food (70 pts max)

The winner from each category will be announced and presented their respective ribbons and prize money. 

There  will be a judge’s meeting prior to the judging  to review / explain judging criteria with the judges.  

Judge’s  will not be identified publicly before the  event. Participants are welcomed to attend judges meeting, but not required to attend. 

Judges decisions are final.

Samples / Dishes shall be  available  for sale to public  by 11 am.

Price per bowl / plate to be determined by BPHA  the day of  event

All proceeds go to the  Bayou  Pigeon Heritage  Association 

Food  service  standards in this Covid 19 pandemic:

All team members  shall wear face masks  and  gloves 
Each team shall have a  cooking thermometer to ensure that all foods are cooked to the appropriate internal temperature.
Cooking surfaces  in the  cooking  area shall cleaned and sanitized in accordance with standard  sanitary procedures using alcohol-based sanitizer as  appropriate.
Hand  Washing

After sneezing, coughing, or using a handkerchief or tissue
After smoking, eating, drinking, or chewing gum or tobacco
After handling raw meats, poultry, or fish
After any clean up activity such as sweeping, mopping, or wiping counters
After touching dirty dishes, equipment, or utensils
After handling trash
After handling money 
After using the toilet

Use warm running water, soap, and dry hands after using toilet / restroom.
In the  cooking  area,  if  running water sink / lavatory  is not  available use  an  
alcohol   based sanitizer for hand washing and paper towels to dry hands. 
Do not use product preparation area sinks for hand washing. 
Restrict  unauthorized  people   in each team  cooking  area, no children under the  age of 12 in the  cooking  area, practice  social  distancing.
No eating food, drinks, gum, cigarettes,  in the immediate  cooking areas.

Safety / Fire prevention:

Each team suggested to have their  own readily available and visible working fire extinguisher.
Minimum suggested is 5lb. ABC. 

However, the BPHA  will have  several 5lb. ABC. Extinguisher posted in the area.

BPHA Wild Beast Cook Off Registration  Form:

Team Name:_____________________ Sponsor/s:_________________________________________
Team Leader  and / or Head  Cook:______________________   
Teams  can include up to 4 members :
__________________________________      ______________________________________
__________________________________      ______________________________________  
Team Mailing  Address:   City:_______________________ State:______   Zip:__________________
Phone/s:  Land  Line ________________________  Cell   ____________________________
Email: _______________________________
Category:   Seafood __________________
         Wild Beast _______________
I have read and understand the rules of Bayou  Pigeon Heritage association  wild beast  cookoff and  will abide by such rules and give permission to be filmed and photographed at the event for promotional use.

Signature: ________________________________________Date: _____________

Entry  Fee :  $25     Note:  Be prepared to pay  fee upon  arrival on the day of the  event. 

Entry option  1:   Print form, complete  the  form,  and  mail  via USPS  to:

Bayou  Pigeon Heritage   Association 
P.O. Box 1087
Plaquemine, LA. 70764

Entry option  2: Print the  form,  complete  the  form, take a picture of  completed  form, with your  smart phone text  to Chris D. -  225 776 4122, Chachie – 225 776 2686 or Joe  Richard - 225 268 3278, Chris  S 225 776 3816

Entry  Option 3: Call one  of the chairpersons  above  and notify one the  chairpersons  that you / team fully intend to enter  the  contest and  brief description of team and category. Bring the  completed  form and present  the completed  form upon  arrival  at  site on or before  7:30  AM.

Cook Off  Contest  Judges  Scorecard

Team  Name: _______________________________________________
Entrée: ____________________________________________________
Recipe  Available: _________

Seafood ______________________
Wild beast ____________________

Primary Ingredients: __________________________________________

Appearance & Texture:  Max  score  30 points

Explanatory note:  Appearance of food determines the acceptance or rejection of the food before it is tasted. Texture is the way food feels to the touch and the mouth. Score of 30 means no defects.

Examples of what to judge  

pleasing eye appeal
appetizing color 
is the garnish attractive?

Flavor / Taste:  Max. score 70 points

Explanatory note: Flavor is a composite term embracing taste, smell, and mouth feel.

Fried Fish  / Seafood /  Boiled Seafood - should not be mushy, watery, dried out, or scorched

Seafood / Stews  & Smothered wild game - Substandard stews are floury or watery. The meat is often tough, stringy, and skimpy.

Herbs and Spices: Seasonings are designed to bring out and enhance the good, not overpowering

Taste,  on the other hand  is limited in scope to what your taste buds can detect

Examples of taste: 
Sweet; exactly right / too sweet
Sour; exactly right  or not  applicable
Salty; exactly right /  too salty
Bitter; exactly right  or not applicable

Appendix A:

Judges’  Comments or explanation  for Score:

Guideline lines  for point scoring.

Appearance  and Texture 

30 = Excellent No defect 
20 = Slight  defect in one of the  categories
20  =  Fair in all categories 
10 = Average in  all  Categories
5 = Below  average in one or more categories

Flavor & Taste 

70 = Excellent, exactly right in all appropriate categories 
60  = Good in all appropriate categories
50  = Fair in all appropriate categories
40  =  Average in all  appropriate categories
25  = Below  average in appropriate  categories

For more information Contact  Chris  Daigle  225 776 4211  or  Chachie 225 776 2686 

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