Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Bayou Pigeon Heritage - Moving the Community Forward - Announcement # 4 of 4

 Bayou  Pigeon Heritage - Moving  the Community Forward -  Replacing  Roof on the Heritage Hall 

Bayou Pigeon  Heritage  friends:


During the early discussions between BPHA and the Diocese of BTR  and A. Wilbert’s sons  about our organization taking over the complex  for adaptive  use. There was hesitancy around, whether the new Heritage  association would be able to sustain  and maintain the old St. Joan of Arc complex. . 

After all, one reason the  site was being abandoned  it was very  costly to maintain. The  condition of the complex / structures  at the time of our negotiations was exacerbated  by years of deferred maintenance  because of cost.

The Activity Center  / gym was thought not to be in un-useable  condition and estimates by the Iberville Parish Inspectors to fix  was over 200k, if you replaced the  HVAC. 

It was pointed out the church  was in need of a new roof, a costly expense >25K  . There were several leaks in  the church in times of heavy rains.  

We agreed, we made the case in the discussions  we well understood that  the high cost of the deferred maintenance by the church parish would catch up with  the buildings sooner than later.

In South La. most asphalt shingle roofs  last 15 to 16  years, the roof  on the church was 20 years, we thought we  would have a little more time to plan  for the replacement. 

We did not anticipate  that Covid 19, Grand River  Flooding of 2021 would put the Association  in start / stop mode on fundraising and  that two Hurricane's would hit us back to back in a week.

Hurricaine  Ida & Nicholas.

Hurricane  Ida  and Nicholas caused  some damage to BPHA structures.  but people say … there is  a silver lining in anything …

The  Association  structures got by  without major damage but had enough damage that we thought we  could file a legitimate claim to repair our  roof on  our Heritage Hall.  

The  Association   filed  an insurance claim  with our Insurance  agency. Our agent immediately went to bat  for us and our damage claims were inspected promptly.  

The inspector  agreed  that our Heritage Hall roof  needed replacement, as repairing part of the  roof was not feasible, too many missing tabs. 

After seeing the damage on Heritage Hall the  Inspector  checked out the Pavilion and House  on the same visit and determined there was damage there as  well..

We are happy to report we  will be getting a new roof on our HERITAGE HALL, the PAVILLION and  parts of the HOUSE.  At essentially no cost to us.

Thank You  to our agent, Dayna Hargrove  LeGrange of Mohragency.  It is helpful to know your agent, personally.

BPHA Shrine  room - Our Lady  Queen of Peace  

As Believers, we know Our Lady Queen of Peace  lives  in and walks these grounds and did not want it to rain in our Chapel.

For the next 20 - 30 + years this is  something we will not have to worry about. ie.,  the  roof on Heritage Hall. 

Truly a God  send.

Moving  Bayou  Pigeon Forward ...  Nov. 14, 2021

Make our 2021 Fall Fest Bigger & Better than 2020

Become involved  with  BPHA !BPHA  What are you waiting  for?

1. Becoming a member is the best way to support Bayou Pigeon community / economic  development.

2. You will get an opportunity to contribute to something meaningful bigger than yourself.

3. You will be building new opportunities  for the children.

4. To have a deeper connection  with neighbors, cousins and past residents.

Dans ton coeur tu es un Cajun

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