Monday, October 25, 2021

Moving The Community Forward BPHA Face Book Posting 2 of 4 -10 25 2021

 Press Release : Bayou  Pigeon Heritage  Association 

The Atchafalaya National Heritage Area Competitive Grants Applications process   a once a year process. Opened May 1, 2021. The  applications  had to be submitted  to Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser and the Atchafalaya National Heritage commission by May 31, 2021.  

The Board of Directors  agreed to apply  for a grant  to convert the old  'Sacristy' area our Heritage  Hall with modern restroom and install a Kitchenette. With a very short cycle time to get application  done and submitted, we had to move fast. Our team met the challenge.

Logic for prioritizing this project:

1. It was necessary  to do remodel the Sacristy area of the former church  and enlarge the  single Bathroom  to be able  to meet Dept. of Health  Standards required  to host 'Event Venue' for up to 250 people.

2. Installing a  small kitchenette area, with  sink, refrigerator , microwave oven  for heating  food , not  heaving cooking. This  would make the facility more attractive  for larger events.

3. Replacing  / repairing  2  exterior  doors  and hardware as needed that were leaking at thresholds.

The project Application had to demonstrate  support  for the Mission of the Atchafalaya National Heritage Area through cultural, recreational or natural resource preservation and enhancement. This where the historical documentation and folklife wall displays of the Heritage Hall came into the equation.

See the file in the  comment section for executive  summary of our Application.

On July 12, we were notified  that we were one of the projected  selected. 

We have recently received  / reviewed the architects  design drawings.  We plan to start on the renovation, after our  Now. 14 Fall fest.

Anyone who wants to help with initial demolition of the Sacristy area, can contact, Randy LaPrairie or Rick Phillips.

This is matching grant, which we have put up 1/2 of the  $30,000  needed to complete the project.  Which includes labor, materials and appliances. 

Everyone can help by coming  out  and  supporting  our FALL fest  and  wild Game cook off so we can ensure  we have the matching funds  and complete this project ASAP.

'Moving the  Community Forward', we will have another posting on something new...  tomorrow.

What are you waiting  for... come join our organization.

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