Sunday, January 26, 2020

The Future of Bayou Pigeon

The  Bayou  Pigeon  Heritage  Association

With  Pride in our Past 

And  Faith In Our  Future

We  are thrilled to  announce  the signing of a long term lease with   the  landowner, A. Wilbert son's  LLC  and taking ownership of the structures  of the former  St  Joan  of  Arc Catholic  Church  complex,  donated to our  Association by the  Catholic Diocese  of  Baton  Rouge.

You are  cordially invited to  come celebrate  with us and get tons of information on the plans and future  activities for these facilities.

Please join  us  on  Feb. 28, 2020   2 P.M. - till at  the Bayou Pigeon  Heritage Hall

This event will take place inside the  Bayou  Pigeon Heritage  Hall.  Displays on the  History & Heritage  of  Bayou  Pigeon will be presented.

We will feature Architect  renderings of future  renovations  and ideas  for the  future  economic  rejuvenation of  Bayou Pigeon.

All of that with  musical entertainment, food and  drinks.  Ideas, suggestions  and  comments  on all topics  will be  taken.

Door  prizes of the award-winning book, ‘Bayou  Pigeon, LA.,  Spirit of the  Atchafalaya”  and  follow up  book,  “Heritage of the  Atchafalaya”, as well  as  copies  of the book “Michel Family  of  Bayou  Pigeon”  will be  awarded.

Look  who we have  as guest  speakers.  Parish  President, Mitchell Ourso, Sheriff Brett  Stassi, Klein  Kirby , President of  A. Wilbertson’s, Parish Council Members,  Chasity Easley, Pete  Kelly, Matt Jewell, State Representative  Chad  Brown and others.

Our hope  is that the Bayou  Pigeon  Heritage  Association  will  start a domino-effect of  clean up  and  economic improvement for the  community.

Circle  your calendars

Dépêchez-Vous, Allons au Pigeon 

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