Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Bayou Pigeon Heritage Association ... Bonjour Mon Amis, The Time is now…

We have talked about this for over a year…Now is the time for all the folks who follow Bayou Pigeon to make themselves conspicuous! If you look around driving through the community, you cannot help but notice and see that Pigeon can do better.

This  week  we  start our recruitment  drive for Bayou Pigeon  Heritage  Association, legally Incorporated  and Certified  Tax  exempt (501c3) . 

Last  Saturday  at the  Iberville  Parish  Swamp Expo we rolled out to the parish community information about our  Heritage  Association's   effort to  save the  former  St. Joan of  Arc Catholic Church complex   from  demolition. 

We signed two lifetime  memberships  and 3 charter memberships and  had  almost 30 folks  interested / wanting more info.

A community feels more alive when people love it enough to help improve it. Helping your community makes life better for your friends, family, and other people and is an honorable deed.

You can join the  BPHA  today, it is so easy.

Go  to our  website and there you can pay dues / donate for year 2020 online electronically via Pay Pal very convenient.


Share this message with your friends on Facebook. The BPHA membership is open to all people that want to help.

For those  folks  without a Paypal account  and / or access  to  a P.C. and / or  the Internet, please  print the  form below.  It can  completed and sent to the  Association via the  old fashion way, ie., USPS. Or you can hand carry to any BPHA officer or  director.

If  we  do not care  about our past, how can we hope  for the future. The  BPHA cares  for our old  St.  Joan Of  Arc complex, it is the face of  the community. Please consider joining and  ASAP  so we can get started quickly with renovations.

Any questions Chris Daigle, 225 776 4122, or Cliff LeGrange, 225 776 2686.

In Bayou Pigeon spirit…

Cliff LeGrange, Roy LeBlanc, Patricia Settoon, Chris Daigle, Dena Hebert LoBue, Danielle Hebert Williams

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